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THANK YOU! We've surpassed our stretch goal of raising $133,000! 

A huge thank you to all our volunteers, partners, local businesses who've contributed and to everyone who has donated to the campaign. We are so grateful for your support!

What is the Gift of Good Food?


The Gift of Good Food is our annual Holiday Fundraiser that runs from November to December.


Every year, we raise money to support year-long access to fresh fruits and vegetables for families facing food insecurity throughout Greater Victoria. To do this, we bulk purchase fresh produce from local farmers and distributors, work with over 20 volunteers to pack and distribute Good Food Boxes, and partner with 18 community centers, transition houses, grassroots food justice organizations, and local First Nations to reach their most vulnerable members.


Through your donations, along with our partners, staff, and volunteers combined efforts, The Gift of Good Food supports families who are in need of consistent, healthy produce for their children. Families receive a free Good Food Box every two weeks for an entire year. The Good Food Boxes are picked up by recipients at our partner locations from Sooke to Saanich along with other Good Food Box customers, providing dignified access to fresh, high quality fruits and vegetables.


This year, the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, combined with inflation and the housing crisis in our city, are all squeezing vulnerable families and forcing hard choices about what they can afford to put on the table. We want to ensure we can continue to support these families by providing consistent access to fresh, high quality food. 







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Campaign runs until December 31st, 2022





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Your contribution helps support:

Food security: Fresh produce every two weeks for families facing poverty across Greater Victoria.

Our regional food system: an average of 60% of our produce is from within 200 miles of Victoria. The money we raise supports local farmers and distributors to keep producing in our region, which supports food security for everyone in our community regardless of income.

Wraparound care at community service centres: when families drop in to pick up their bi-weekly boxes, they can also access other services and supports more easily and consistently.

Community engagement: our amazing team of fundraising, packing, and distribution volunteers come from all walks of life, from students to seniors, avid composters to farmers.

Reducing food waste: we are able to carefully plan and pack our boxes to minimize over-purchasing, and any extra we do end up with our Chef Patrick can whip up into delicious meals for our other programs.

Sign up as a fundraising team!

Are you interested in raising funds with friends, in your office, with your family, at school, in your neighbourhood, or anywhere!? Fundraising Teams are a great way to give back to your community. 

Our teams help us immensely to spread the word about The Gift of Good Food and we are very grateful to all of our teams who are participating in this Holiday Fundraiser.

If you'd like to join, please sign up to be a Fundraising Team or email We will set-up your Fundraising Team page online or send a paper Fundraising Team Package.








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How families are selected:

The Gift of Good Food partners with over 18 organizations throughout the Greater Victoria region in order to choose families who are in need of consistent, healthy produce for their children. Please see our partner organizations below. Funds are divided between these organizations from Sooke to Saanich.

Family resource workers, support workers, and counsellors at our partner organizations choose families based on need, understood through a built relationship with their clients.







Partner Organizations:




Burnside Gorge
West Shore
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James Bay
West Shore
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Fairfield Gonzales RGB-01
Quadra Village
Songhees Nation
Vic West Community Association
Victoria Native Friendship Centre
West Shore
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For more information, contact:

Mila Czemerys
Director of Community Development,
Fernwood NRG
250-381-1552 x117
Nada Saad
Gift of Good Food Team & Vounteer liaison,
Fernwood NRG
250-381-1552 x118