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About this fundraising team:

We are a team of eleven health care professionals (Doug, Adam, Whitney, Jeanne, Christy, Jen, Sheena, Kim, Chelsea, Colleen and Alaina) passionate about our work and about food security in our Greater Victoria communities. A few words from our team members illustrate why this cause matters to us:

“Access to healthy food is important to me because of the range of benefits it provides; nutrition, strength, connection to the earth, creativity, memories and shared connection with those we love. I value this cause because every person and every family has an inherent right to be provided with the benefits that healthy food can give us.” -Whitney (Social Worker)

“We live in an increasingly unaffordable and inequitable city where many families are forced to choose between paying the rent and eating healthy foods. I would like to see more emphasis on food security in our city, and this program seems like a step in the right direction.” -Adam (Social Worker)

“Food is essential; it not only nourishes our bodies and souls, but also brings people together and helps to create a sense of community. Every person, family, and household deserves stigma-free access to food security, and all that it encompasses. Supporting the Good Food Box Holiday Fundraiser is a great way get involved, and help ensure food security locally.” -Chelsea (Social Worker)

“This cause is important to me because I believe access to healthy food is a human right!” -Kim (Social Worker)

“Good food is good medicine.” -Jen (Social Worker)

“Victoria is becoming an increasingly inaccessible city for even the most basic of needs. Consistent access to nutritious, healthy and local food significantly boosts physical/mental health and contributes positively to improving social determinants of health; this has only become more important during these challenging times and I firmly believe that access to affordable, healthy food is a human right.” -Alaina (Social Worker)

Team Members

Doug, Adam, Whitney, Jeanne, Christy, Jen, Sheena, Kim, Chelsea, Colleen and Alaina