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Orca Book Publishers

About this fundraising team:

Inspired by our company values, the upcoming holiday season and one of our very own BC/YT team members I have set up a team holiday fundraising page with “The Good Food Box” who raise money each year to support year-long access to fresh fruits and vegetables for families facing food insecurity throughout Greater Victoria. To do this, they bulk purchase fresh produce from local farmers and distributors, work with over 20 volunteers to pack and distribute Good Food Boxes, and partner with 18 community centers, transition houses, grassroots food justice organizations, and local First Nations to reach their most vulnerable members. Mind blowing hey, and if The Good Food Box’s mission isn’t incentive enough, it may help to know that Jess Hartum, one of our very own BC/YT colleagues, benefitted greatly from food banks and The Good Food Box in particular, prior to starting her career with us. Jess has been gracious enough to let me share her story with you:

“Before beginning my career with Ausenco, I went back to school as a mature student. I dropped out of high school in grade 10, at 15 years old and became a mom at 17. Two more sweet babies followed but my marriage did not last, and I found myself a single mom with three daughters and a grade 10 education. I decided I could not be an example to my children with the limited education I had, so at 33 years old I went back to school. Because I needed to upgrade first it took me 7 years to finally get my degree. I ended up graduating from high school the same year as my oldest daughter, AND from university with her (so leading as an example worked!!) As a single mom and full-time student finances were limited. Each year I signed up with a food bank program, which one year included The Good Food Box program, which helped me during the holidays and through the year…”

Knowing that a member of our team has benefitted from The Good Food Box and programs like this, drove home even more for me how critical these schemes are in our communities and what a difference they can make.

I recognize that the rising cost of living is presenting many challenges and the run up to the holidays can also heavily influence what disposable income we have available, so my request is at your discretion. If you are able to donate your contribution will help support:

1. Food security: Fresh produce every two weeks for families facing poverty across Greater Victoria.

2. Our regional food system: an average of 60% of our produce is from within 200 miles of Victoria. The money we raise will support local farmers and distributors to keep producing in our region, which supports food security for everyone in our community regardless of income.

3. Wraparound care at community service centres: when families drop in to pick up their bi-weekly boxes, they can also access other services and supports more easily and consistently.

4. Community engagement: our amazing team of fundraising, packing, and distribution volunteers come from all walks of life, from students to seniors, avid composters to farmers.

5. Reducing food waste: we are able to carefully plan and pack our boxes to minimize over-purchasing, and any extra we do end up with our Chef Patrick can whip up into delicious meals for our other programs.

Your support to reach our target is greatly appreciated.