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About this fundraising team:

We are South Island SUP! Passionate about paddling, adventure, wellness and the vibrant health of our communities both above and within our Salish Sea!

Our paddling pursuits are inspired and guided by the principles of supporting one another and leaving no one behind! We strive to live these values on and off the ocean. This year we have seen many in our community left a little further back and it is our hope that by pooling our resources, together we will help one such family in-need move a little further forward next year. 

We hope that you will help support our goal of providing Good Food Boxes for a full year to one such family in-need in our community. Every little bit helps! 

And for those that contribute before December 20, your name will be entered into a draw for a South Island SUP $100 gift certificate to encourage you or someone you love to get a little more ocean time with us in 2021!

Happy Holidays,
with love from South Island SUP!

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