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sky is the limit

Team total:

$250.00 raised

On the donation page, please make sure to check the box:
"This donation is from a Fundraising Team" & label your donation for "Snowbucks"

About this fundraising team:

Each year at the Ministry of Health- Population and Public Health Division, a collective of elves on the 4th floor get together to make things a bit brighter… a bit merrier. “Snowbucks” – an internal ‘holiday coffee house’ (offered once a week in December) where staff are invited to share their coffee breaks with others, to gather to get a warm cup of hot cocoa, tea or coffee & a festive treat. Treats are homemade and kindly donated by staff, fresh coffee is prepared, holiday music is played in the background, all under the holiday glow of assorted donated holiday decorations….

This is “Snowbucks. Staff are invited (but not required) to give a small donation for Snowbucks. At the end of each season, the donations are counted up and the elves choose local community initiatives to support to make the season a bit brighter for others. This year we have chosen to support the “Gift of Good Food” program, as it so closely aligns with the work that so many of us do. (This is an independent staff initiative and is not affiliated with the Ministry of Health)