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Good Food Box Gals



Team total:
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50 boxes donated
558 lbs of produce
8 supporters

Good Food Box Gals

About this fundraising team:

The Good Food Box Gals are excited to be back again for our 4th campaign year, as the re-invented ... GOOD FOOD BOX GALS 4.0.

We are a group of friends who just wish to show our support for the good work the folks at the Fernwood NRG are doing in our community. It is our pleasure to be a part of what we all feel is a worthwhile cause. We feel there is tremendous value in supplying these kinds of healthy, whole foods to families by supporting good food choices in addition to good health.

In our 3 years since joining we have raised a grand total of $3,184.00, helping 6 local families receive food boxes for an entire year;  and we don’t plan to stop any time soon.

Every dollar helps. Thank you for choosing to give!  ❤️


Name                                 Amount 
 Judy & Neil Tremblay  $250.00
 Cindy Barton  $200.00
 Anonymous $20.00
 Sheryl Hine  $100.00
 Joan Headrick  $125.00
 Linda King
 Jamie Barnet
 Sheryl Hine

Team members:

  • Cindy Barton
  • Sheryl Hine
  • Linda Kaiser King
  • Judy Tremblay
  • Jamie Wallace