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Fernwood Community Association Fundraising Team



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974 lbs of produce
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One family for one family

About our fundraising team:

Team FCA (Fernwood Community Association), recognizes the right of every family to food security. Team FCA committed to this fundraiser as we were dismayed to learn that in Fernwood, in spite of living in a moderately prosperous community, the following alarming statistics apply, as reported in Victoria's VITAL SIGNS Annual Check-Up, 2018: 29% of single parent families, 15% of Children under 18 and 11% of seniors live below the poverty line. This translates into 9% of families (15% of their children) are food insecure.

Team FCA asks that you will act on these startling facts and donate generously to improve the lot of Fernwood families living in food insecurity and below the poverty line . Please choose Fernwood as the neighborhood in Greater Victoria you would like to support with your donation.