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Orca Book Publishers

About this fundraising team:

Everyone deserves access to good quality, heathy food. This year, instead of giving gifts to one another, let's give the gift of nourishment to a local family.

The Gift of Good Food supports families who are in need of consistent, healthy produce for their children. Through our fundraising efforts, we can support a local family to receive a free Good Food Box every two weeks for an entire year.

The Good Food Box raises money to support year-long access to fresh fruits and vegetables for families facing food insecurity throughout Greater Victoria. To do this, they bulk purchase fresh produce from local farmers and distributors, work with over 20 volunteers to pack and distribute Good Food Boxes, and partner with 18 community centers, transition houses, grassroots food justice organizations, and local First Nations to reach their most vulnerable members.

Let's work together to embody the true spirit of generosity and giving at this special time of year.