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One family for one family



Team total:

$1,460.00 raised

On the donation page, please make sure to check the box:
"This donation is from a Fundraising Team" & label your donation for the "Juricic Family" or surprise me.

One family for one family

About our fundraising team:

The Juricic family is fundraising to support one family in Saanich because that's where we grew up! Kathryn helps organize this fundraiser and we are all supporting this awesome cause and her! Our donation goal, however, is $1,000, because there are a bunch of us and I think we can do it! 

Thank you for donating! 

Our lovely photo is from Dan and Natasha's wedding :)

Team Members:

  1. Colleen Juricic
  2. John Juricic
  3. Dan Juricic
  4. Sarah Harrington (formerly Juricic)
  5. Mike Juricic
  6. Kathryn Juricic